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Of The Dark Knight and His Rising!

It would almost be a sin, if I did not praise the genius of Christopher Nolan after watching the recent installment (The Dark Knight Rises) of the Batman Trilogy. It isn’t easy to write and direct a movie, when the previous one was successful and had the audience at the edge of the seats, especially with the villian being more prominent than the hero in the previous movie. The expectations are obviously way too high.

I feel that the team has done a very good job and raised the notch one level up, this time as well. I realised that, all of us as movie audience is now accustomed to the hero of the movie falling and rising. But the beauty of this movie is that, you see the hero falling further and further that you almost loose hope, and then you are made to wait impatiently for the moment he rises up and when he does so, you get an electrifying experience, inside the theater as well as inside your body.That is a successful work of a good director. The expectations have been exceeded.

I have to say that among all other superheros, I think, Batman stands out, as he is the only one who does not have any superpowers and is just another ordinary man ( may be a bit richer than usual). All the movies have justified his character.

A man becomes a superhero when he does something extra ordinary in life, and not with the gadgets or the powers that once has. Batman becomes a superhero, by sacrificing himself in both the last installments, in two different ways and that is what makes the character and the movies apart.