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My Bucket List 1: Learn To Cook Something Good

Ever since I watched the movie “The Bucket List”, I wanted to make my list. I have not finished that growing list yet but didn’t think it necessary to wait for it to be completed, before venturing to act on one of them. This was one of relatively easily achievable things at home, so I started off with an endeavor to learn to cook something complex.

The first thing that came to my mind, when I thought of a challenge , was the Chicken Dum Biriyani. With my amateur cooking skills, this was going to be an uphill task, as I feel, the preparation is complex, time consuming and one with an easy alternative of ordering a better one from the nearby restaurant. The risk of cooking this for dinner though was negated because it was a Friday evening, there are two days to recover.

So I started off. Well! experience in project management has its shortfalls – You tend to see things as projects and associate a timeline with each phase.

So here  it is..

The CDB Project:

Extensive research is a must to reduce failure and risk and so as many professionals do, I started and finished with the first two links in Google. Link1 Link2 I have to thank these bloggers as they were instrumental in me achieving my goal.

Next was to look at my inventory list and find what is missing, and that meant shopping which ended with heavy shopping bags before the start of the preparation phase (which takes around 4 -5 hours). I do not want to go through each step here, which obviously I will leave to the experts and I have no intention to make this a cookery blog.

The next phases gives an emotional experience of a good movie with the onions that made me cry, the frustration that they are not getting fried fast enough, the anger that you misplaced the ingredients, the doubt that I missed something important, the reassurance that things are alright, the anticipation of eating a good meal, the fear of sleeping on an empty stomach and in the end, the smile when you learn that it is not as bad as you thought it will be.

After around 6 hours of labor and toil, the dish was finally ready and having tested this on my wife, I can say that it is edible and till today afternoon, I do not see any side effects, either on her or me. So I think it is safe to conclude that the Biriyani that I made is good. However, I will not boast to have made a perfect dish as well, those will go into the improvement plan for next time.

The End Result !

I feel cooking is fun and as it includes the act of creation and has the element of  risks / challenges, it is a very powerful way to instill a sense of achievement.

This item in my list is crossed now. I have indeed learned to cook something complex and good!