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Independence Day – A Perspective

Sights and Sounds :

She lies in the dusty sidewalk of the busy road, oblivious of the vehicles zooming past. Her cataract covered eyes are closed and the afternoon sun reflected on the coins on the dirty rag in front. It is difficult to distinguish the color of the sand and that of her hair.

The morning newspaper feels heavier today, many pages show Independence day sale and new movie releases. The television channels are filled with patriotic movies. Websites shows smiling faces in ethnic dresses. Vehicles sporting the Indian flag.

In the distance, a distinct buzz inside an school, chanting the national anthem as the tricolor flag gets hoisted.

The Search :

In the article, A Miracle in Calcutta, Horace Alexander talks about his day with Mahatma Gandhi, the same day, rest of the India were celebrating the Independence Day. For a man, who labored through the fight for freedom, it is surprising, that it was not a day off to relax.  Perhaps the great man thought that his work has not finished, not just yet.

The next realization, is that all the heroes who fought, died or lived through the fight,  did so selflessly. Not relaxing, not stopping …

A Thought :

So is it just a national holiday to relax from the hectic lives, just to raise the flags, distribute sweets, take pictures, watch movies ?

Or is it the day to go out and continue the work of all the great men before us ? To all the men and women who are already out there, Happy Independence Day!

It is time for the rest of us to leave the comfort of our living rooms!